Our Acupuncture treatments will bring your body to its most optimal health, by providing pain relief, balance and faster healing.

Our Chiropodist will assess, diagnose, and treat your common and abnormal foot/toe/lower limb problems and conditions.

Our Physiotherapists will help you regain control of your body & life by reducing pain, restoring and maximizing your physical function.

K-Taping is a holistic and non-pharmaceutical therapy method successful with an extremely wide range of clinical conditions.


Our Osteopathic therapy

is a complimentary holistic approach to encourage the body to heal itself naturally.

The McKenzie Method is for those suffering from neck/ back pain. Reduce pain quickly. Return to functioning in daily activities.Minimize the risk of recurring pain. Minimize the number of return visits to the spine specialist

Topical Gels & Sprays

Back Braces & Knee Braces

Hand & Wrist Braces

Exercise Supplies

Massage Rollers

Hot/Cold Packs

Post-Op Rehab Kit & TENS

They are not just for people with foot pain. It can also help those who suffer from back pain, pain in their hips or knees, arthritis-related pain. Foot pain can also result from other health issues, such as diabetes.

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pain relief & rehab supplies

Mckenzie protocol